What to Choose - Fastbraces®️ Vs. Traditional Braces?

What to Choose - Fastbraces®️ Vs. Traditional Braces?

May 01, 2022

Do you think you are finally ready to change the alignment of your smile? No matter how long it has taken you to make that decision, it is worth it. Improving your smile’s alignment does more for you than just changing the aesthetics of your smile. Orthodontic dentistry exists to improve the functionality of your mouth, reduce accidental bites and boost your aesthetic appearance. The question then becomes; which braces will work best for your treatment?

What Are Traditional Braces?

They are metal braces that help straighten teeth and realign jawbones. Traditional braces feature metal brackets and wires, meriting the name metal braces. These braces are impressive for shifting teeth and correcting some of the most complex orthodontic problems in dentistry.

The treatment works using two separate phases. The phases entail moving tooth roots and tooth crowns separately – the tooth crowns move during the first phase of the treatment, and the second phase focuses on root movement. The treatment period may take a long time before both phases are complete.

An overriding advantage of traditional braces is that it is an incredible solution for aligning the jawbone. Ideally, the duration is necessary to ensure that as teeth roots and crowns move gradually, the alignment of the jaw improves as well. Still, not all patients are interested in jaw alignment as they are in straightening teeth. It is why, although, for many years, traditional metal braces have been the go-to option for dental experts, today, dentists in 60632 have more options to work with, including Fastbraces®️.

What Are Fastbraces?

They are alternative types of braces for orthodontic use. They are similar to traditional braces in some ways but are very different. For one, instead of square-shaped metal brackets, fastbraces have triangular brackets. Aside from that, fastbraces and traditional braces work very differently. Fastbraces take about 12 months or less to straighten teeth because they move both the crown and roots of teeth simultaneously. The simultaneous treatment plan may not necessarily cater to the alignment of the jawbone but rather realizes results quickly. The goal for dental experts at Dental Impressions is to use Fastbraces to encourage more patients to seek orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Fastbraces?

Ultimately, you have to take time to weigh the benefits of fastbraces vs. traditional braces to make the best decision for yourself. If you want to validate your choice of fastbraces in Chicago, IL, consider the following benefits they present:

  1. Quick treatment plan – you do not have to worry about wearing braces for 24 months or more just to straighten your teeth. Fastbraces help achieve similar results in a fraction of the time necessary with traditional braces.
  2. Flexible aftercare protocols – if you know a thing about orthodontic dentistry, then you know you will need to wear retainers after your treatment. However, fastbraces offer a flexible post-treatment aftercare plan that may not require you to wear retainers all the time. Instead, you may have to wear them at night only or just in the shower.
  3. Modern hardware – fastbraces can realize amazing results within a short period because they capitalize on state-of-the-art hardware that works speedily to move up the timeline.
  4. Affordable treatment plan – since the treatment works quickly, you will require few office visits. This way, your treatment will have a more affordable price tag than traditional braces.

Which of the Two Is Better?

When it comes down to choosing between fastbraces and traditional braces, it solely depends on your preference. The fundamental factor is that it is better to choose one teeth alignment method than to avoid the orthodontic treatment altogether. The more you liaise with your orthodontist, the better you will be at making the perfect decision for your smile. Besides, not all patients are great candidates for fastbraces. Some orthodontic challenges require shifting teeth gradually, therefore necessitating traditional braces. The good news is that no matter which type of dental braces you choose, you will be pleased with the outcome of your treatment.

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