Tooth Extractions in Chicago, IL | Tooth Extractions Near Me At 60632 | Dental Impressions

Tooth Extractions in Chicago, IL | Tooth Extractions Near Me At 60632 | Dental Impressions

Your dentist knows the importance of healthy teeth, so at Dental Impressions, we try to save teeth in any way that we can. Despite this, there are times when a tooth will need to be extracted. We can work with children as well as adults, safely removing teeth that can negatively impact you or your loved one’s oral health. While extracting children’s teeth is less common, it is required in some cases.

Removal of Primary Teeth

A child’s first teeth are known as primary teeth. These grow in while the child is young. They will fall out naturally and be replaced with permanent teeth. While this may occur naturally, there are times when a primary tooth will need to be removed from the mouth. This can be due to several reasons, such as:

  • Severe decay in teeth
  • Preparation for orthodontic treatment
  • Primary teeth have not fallen out
  • Teeth have been damaged or injured beyond repair

When you visit a Dental Impressions professional, we will do anything possible to save the tooth. However, if it cannot be saved, then it will need to be extracted before it causes pain or damage. You should speak with our Chicago professionals to make sure that you are fully aware of the procedure.

Removal of Permanent Teeth

When an adult tooth needs to be extracted, it will be done surgically, or a simple extraction will be performed. During a simple extraction, the tooth will be loosened from the gums using an elevator. When it is loose enough, forceps are used to remove it. During surgical extractions, an incision will be made in order to expose the tooth and remove it. In both cases, the patient is under anesthesia and is comfortable.

Contact our office if you want to learn more about how we perform tooth extractions near you. We can give you more information on treatment options for damaged or injured teeth, as well as how to maintain your oral health. Call our Dental Impressions office in Chicago to schedule an appointment with a dental professional that truly cares about your dental health.

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