Fastbraces®️ In Chicago, IL

Fastbraces®️ In Chicago, IL

What are Fastbraces®️?

Fastbraces®️ is a safe and effective way to straighten teeth. They work much faster than conventional braces, and adults and children alike can use the Fastbraces®️ system as a subtle and unobtrusive alternative to traditional braces.

The Fastbraces®️ technology gently repositions your teeth within 3-12 months, but in many cases, the results are noticeable in just a few weeks.

Traditional braces, on the other hand, can take three to four years to achieve your desired results. They also work in two different phases, whereas the Fastbraces®️ process is far simpler and innovative.

How do Fastbraces®️ work?

The Fastbraces®️ system uses a triangular bracket and a square-shaped wire to reposition the roots of your teeth starting at the beginning of treatment while simultaneously moving the crown. The system also uses wires that blend in with the natural look of your teeth, so your braces aren’t as visible.

After Dr. Bader removes the Fastbraces®️, all you need to do is wear a retainer for less than 30 minutes each day to achieve the best results.

What conditions can Fastbraces®️ treat?

Dr. Bader has extensive training in orthodontic procedures, including the
Fastbraces®️ system, and may use it to correct several dental conditions including:

  • Overcrowding
  • Overbites
  • Crossbites
  • Open bites
  • Underbites

Besides enhancing your smile, Fastbraces®️ can improve your ability to talk and chew by correctly positioning your teeth.

What are the benefits of Fastbraces®️?

In addition to faster treatment times than traditional braces, Fastbraces®️ also offer a number of other benefits including:

  • Visible week-to-week results
  • Safe for adults and children
  • Less painful than traditional braces
  • Corrects several kinds of misaligned bites
  • Fewer dental visits for maintenance
  • Less noticeable appearance

And, of course, you can also look forward to an enhanced smile at the end of the treatment. But besides that, Fastbraces®️ can even improve your ability to talk and chew!

Learn more about Fastbraces®️ and how they improve your smile by scheduling an evaluation at Dental Impressions by phone or booking online. Dr. Bader will examine your teeth and create a comprehensive treatment plan to ensure you obtain the best possible results.

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