Endodontics In Chicago, IL

Endodontics In Chicago, IL

If you have a beautiful smile, you should do everything you can to preserve it. At Dental Impressions, we take every measure to keep your teeth healthy and maintain your beautiful smile. Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in the insides of your teeth and keeping them in pristine condition.

Endodontists can provide effective treatment for a myriad of dental issues, most commonly the removal of infected or inflamed tissues inside the root canal of teeth. These procedures save the tooth, preventing you from losing it and needing a replacement prosthetic or appliance to keep your smile balanced and beautiful.

Save Your Teeth

One of the most common misconceptions about root canals is that they require the removal of teeth. A root canal and a tooth extraction are two separate procedures and shouldn’t be confused with one another. During a root canal, the tooth that has an endodontic problem will be treated, and any harmful or inflamed tissues will be removed. Our goal is to save your tooth, which a root canal often does. Losing a tooth can be detrimental to your oral health, resulting in cavities and other oral issues.

When Should I Visit A Dentist?

Most patients do not visit their dentist twice a year as they should. While this may seem fine, it could result in worsening oral health and the development of dental problems and endodontic issues. Getting a regular exam from a dental professional can help your professional detect problems with your oral health, such as cavities or decay in your teeth. If an infection develops, endodontists can remove the infected tissues and restore your oral health.

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You can get amazing care from a team of highly skilled and fully trained dental professionals when you visit Dental Impressions in Chicago, IL. Our office uses advanced tools to keep your teeth healthy and make sure that your smile shines brightly. We can accurately diagnose endodontic issues and perform treatment that restores your healthy smile and keeps you from losing teeth. To schedule an appointment with our endodontic expert, contact Dental Impressions today.

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