Dental Sealants In Chicago, IL

Dental Sealants In Chicago, IL

Have you ever wondered how you can better protect your teeth or the teeth of your loved ones from cavities and decay? Dental Impressions professionals have heard that question a lot, and we have a solution: dental sealants. Chicago patients can get dental sealants applied to their teeth, reducing the likelihood of cavities developing and keeping teeth protected for years. Sealants can be applied to children as young as six years old, protecting their teeth as they grow and develop.

Prevent Decay

A dental sealant is used to prevent decay from forming and harming the enamel of teeth. It is made of a resin that is bonded to the tooth, coating the grooves and other areas where plaque and bacteria can accumulate. They effectively seal the enamel from the effects of any plaque that has not been adequately brushed off of the enamel, forming a barrier that keeps tooth enamel secure.

Applying Sealants Is Quick & Easy

Your dentist can easily apply a sealant to your teeth. Each tooth only takes a couple of minutes to seal, protecting them from decay. First, your dental professional will clean the teeth that will be sealed. Then, a solution will be applied to roughen the surface and allow the sealant to stick onto the tooth more securely. The sealant will be applied on the roughed surface of the enamel, where it will become bonded to the tooth. The sealant will be hardened and lasts for several years after it is applied.

Beneficial for Children & Adults

Sealants are largely recommended for children in order to prevent decay from forming while they are still learning proper oral hygiene. However, adults can benefit from dental sealants as well – especially if they are prone to tooth decay. Children can get dental sealants starting from the age of 6 and continuing on into adulthood as long as your dental professional recommends it.

To take charge of your oral health, speak to your Dental Impressions professional about dental sealants for you or your loved ones. Our Chicago dental office is always accepting new patients, so give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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