Dental Sealants 101: Everything You Need to Know

Dental Sealants 101: Everything You Need to Know

Aug 01, 2020

Dental cavities are dangerous and affect all people, but children are more at risk. This is because of poor brushing techniques. Also, their teeth are still developing, and the enamel is not as strong. When children get dental decay, they can lose both primary and permanent teeth. The premature loss of teeth can be detrimental to your child’s dental health. Missing teeth can cause the dental structure and the remaining teeth to weaken.

We have different preventive dental services that can help prevent dental cavities, such as fluoride treatment. However, dental sealants are the best option because they shield the teeth from decay. Read on to learn more about dental sealants and their benefits to your child’s oral health.

What are Fissure Sealants?

Teeth or fits and fissure sealants are thin, and protective coating applied on the teeth to protect them from cavities. Plastic sealants are the most common types, but there are other types, such as glass ionomer sealants.

Who Should Use Fissure Sealants?

Sealants are ideal for children because they are more at risk of dental cavities. However, adults can also benefit if they have healthy teeth devoid of decay and dental filling. But, talk to our dentist in Chicago first if you are interested in dental sealants.

When Can Dental Sealants Be Applied?

Fissure sealants are applied on permanent teeth at age 12 after the last molar has emerged.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

The dental sealant application is fast and pain-free. The process involves:

  • Before applying the sealant, the enamel is cleaned with a non-fluoridated paste or hydrogen peroxide. All the stains, plaques, and debris are removed. The teeth are then dried thoroughly.
  • The dentist applies an acid solution to make the bonding process fast. The affected teeth are then separated with a dental dam to keep them dry.
  • The sealants are ae painted on the enamel, and a special light is used to harden it.
  • The dentist then examines the sealants for any cracks and spaces in between.

How Effective Are Sealants?

According to the ADA (American Dental Association) and CDC (Center for Disease Control), fissure sealants can prevent about 80 percent of cavities.

Are Sealants Permanent?

No. Dental sealants can last for a decade, depending on where they are applied and the amount of wear and tear. At times the consumption of acidic and sugary foods can affect the durability of the sealants. It is, therefore, essential to limit the use of these foods and get regular dental checkups.

Are Sealants Harmful?

There is a growing concern about the Bisphenol levels on the plastic sealants. BPA is reported to affect the nerve, thyroid, and immune system. But, the CDC reports that the level of BPA in sealants are negligible to cause any harm.

If you are worried about the BPA levels, you can choose the glass ionomer sealants. They don’t contain BPA but might be less effective in preventing decay. Please speak to our dentist in Chicago, IL, for more information on the differences between these two types of sealants.

If I Use Fluoridated Water, Does My Child Still Need Sealants?

Yes. Both fluoride treatment and sealants prevent decay, but they work differently. Fluoride treatments are excellent in strengthening the enamel making it less prone to decay and bacterial attacks. Sealants help to shield the teeth from bacteria.

How Much Do the Fissure Sealants Cost?

Dental sealants cost depends on the type, but on average, they cost $60 per tooth. Fortunately, some dental insurance providers cover a percentage of the price.

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We offer fissure sealants as part of our preventive dental services. Sealants are useful but are only successful in preventing dental cavities if used with other treatments. We recommend getting routine dental checkups and cleanings every six months. Also, remember to get the fluoride treatments, which help to strengthen the teeth too.

Visit Dental Impressions for an assessment and discussion on which dental sealants are ideal for your child and what the application procedure involves. We also offer other pediatric dental services that you can use to enhance your oral health.

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