All You Need to Know on Dental Implant Procedure

All You Need to Know on Dental Implant Procedure

Jun 01, 2021

Missing a tooth or two can be a common phenomenon. Apart from cavities, dental trauma might also cause knock-out teeth. Modern dentistry has advanced immensely to replace toot structures with surgical processes. In addition to substituting for a missing tooth, dental implants in Chicago can support dental structures that can be beneficial to stop further recession of the jawbones.

Understanding Dental Implant

The modern-day dental implant was invented in 1952 by Swedish orthopedic surgeon Per-Ingvar Branemark. Dental implants are considered the most-adapted dental prosthetic care to treat missing teeth. Most dental implants are made from titanium that integrates with the jawbones in due time.

Dental implants are surgical procedures to replace worn-out or lost tooth roots with metal posts. Experienced dentists in Chicago perform a dental implant procedure by making an incision in the jawbones. Metal posts are placed in the jawbones, and crowns are placed on the metal posts. Dental implants can be an excellent option if you have multiple teeth missing. Dental implants, once done, resemble natural teeth.

Signs Implying Need of Dental Implants

A lost tooth cannot be concealed through cosmetic dentistry, and dental prostheses can be the only option. The following can be signs that you need dental implants.

Missing or Chipped Tooth

Dental implants resemble natural teeth and are more durable than conventional dental prostheses. A chipped or a missing tooth can be substituted by dental implants and allow you to perform all functions of natural teeth with ease.

Misfit Dentures

Misfit dentures cause immense discomfort and pain. Dentures can be uncomfortable for some, and dental implants are an excellent substitute to reduce discomfort.

Signs of Infection

Dental implants are fixed on the jawbones and reduce the chances of periodontal infection. Other dental prostheses can hinder proper cleaning of the oral cavity.

Deteriorating Jawbones

Having missing teeth for a while can recede the jawbone and deteriorate its structure. Apart from filling in the gap of missing teeth, dental implants also improve the design of teeth.

Sinking Facial Structure

A patient with a caved-in structure of the face can be benefitted from dental implants. Patients with dentures are more prone to the degenerated facial bone, and implants promote bone growth. Implants are accompanied by a natural lift of the facial bones.

The Procedure of Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implants can take more than one visit to the dental office. Before undergoing the dental implant procedure, the dentist performs a series of tests and examinations.

#1: Evaluation

A comprehensive dental examination followed by a detailed case study of past medical conditions is made by a dentist. The evaluation also includes X-rays, tests to match the color of teeth to ensure that implants are made to look natural. History of allergy, if any, is also taken into consideration before performing the surgery.

#2: Tooth Extraction

The root or broken part of the tooth is extracted at first. Most likely local anesthesia is used for tooth extraction. After the remaining portion of the tooth is extracted, it is advised not to smoke or spit excessively to keep the place dry and reduce pain.

#3: Dental Implants and Bone Grafting

Based on the state of your jaw, the dentist decides to go with the one where implants are inserted on the jawbones or the one in which implants are added to the jawbone. If the jawbones can accommodate implants, the dentist would not suggest bone grafting. Bone grafting is necessary if you have a receded jawbone.

Once the implants are placed in the jawbone, the bones begin to grow and develop around the implants. Mostly made from titanium, the implants integrate into the jawbone.

#4: Placement of Abutment

The abutments are placed on the titanium posts once they are cemented on the jawbones. The abutments are placed under the influence of local anesthesia.

#5: Permanent Crown

Once the gums heal, the artificial crown or tooth is placed on the metal posts. The crown resembles natural tooth color and performs all the functions of natural teeth.

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