10 Procedures of Preventive Dentistry That You Must Know

10 Procedures of Preventive Dentistry That You Must Know

Oct 02, 2020

The old saying “prevention is better than cure” goes pretty well with preventive dentistry. With the workload that our teeth undergo every day, wear and tear is common. Coupled with poor oral health, dental ailments, and dental trauma, the deterioration of your teeth is common.

Dentists can help you to maintain good oral health. Regular visits to the dental clinic might help in identifying dental threats that might pose a threat and lead to more severe dental issues, including tooth loss.

What is Preventive Dentistry?

The comprehensive dental care to maintain good oral health is preventive dentistry. The combination of regular dental checkups and incorporating good oral habits can help you maintain good oral health and minimize dental diseases.

The ultimate goal of preventive dentistry is to maintain your natural tooth and help you to evade dental ailments. The comprehensive oral examination, including x-rays, can help the dentist identify your teeth and jaws’ underlying condition and suggest preventive measures.

Procedures of Preventive Dentistry

The dentists performing preventive dentistry are trained to suggest customized preventive dentistry procedures based on your oral cavity state.

#1: Brush Your Teeth

All dental treatments start with maintaining a clean and hygienic oral cavity. The American Dental Association recommends using fluoride toothpaste and brushing twice a day after meals are advisable to get rid of the residual food items.

Bacteria thrive on the food particles stuck between teeth, and the bacteria action releases an acidic substance that can corrode the dentine. Bad breath, inflammation, bleeding of the gums, and toothaches can be associated with a dirty mouth.

#2: Floss

Even regular brushing might not clean the space between two teeth. Flossing helps to clean the tight spaces where the bristle of toothbrushes fails to reach. Flossing is recommended if you are wearing braces. Preventive dentistry also focuses on incorporating the correct way of flossing.

#3: A Balanced Diet

You might wonder how diet is related to maintaining oral health. The green leafy vegetables can replenish the depleted micronutrients. Moreover, chewing the crunchy vegetables and fruits like carrot, lettuce, apple can make your teeth strong and clean them simultaneously.

#4: Dental Sealing

The preventive dentist to prevent tooth decay might apply dental sealants. The grinding teeth can develop fissures while the biting teeth can have recesses. Dental sealants are thin coatings made from composite materials that are applied to your teeth and acts as a preventive cover.

#5: Oral Prophylaxis

The deposition of a sticky layer on your teeth known as tartar, might lead to several periodontal diseases. If not cleaned in time, the plaque forms a solid structure known as tartar. The tartar might get deposited between teeth and provide a breeding ground for bacterial activity.

When the dentists see signs of gingivitis, he may suggest a deep scaling. The process involves removing tartar below the gumline under the influence of local anesthesia.

#6: Fluoride Treatment

Regular grinding of food, aging, and dental ailments might render the enamel to start losing its vitality. Fluoride can make our enamel stronger and more resilient in fighting cavities. Tooth decay causes loss of vital nutrients, and fluoride treatment can help to replenish the lost nutrients and make teeth stronger.

#7: Clear Aligners

A misaligned jawline might be a permanent issue. The crooked teeth not only reduce your aesthetic value, but can also cause cuts of the cheek, lips, or tongue. Clear aligners are transparent braces that are custom-made. Wearing aligners can shift your jawlines by applying gradual yet constant pressure.

#8: Dental Bonding

Another aspect of preventive dentistry is applying teeth-colored resin material over your teeth to seal the dental gaps and protect a chipped tooth. Dental bonding helps to bond the teeth and restore your smile.

#9: Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Extracting the wisdom teeth can help to reduce over-crowding and maintain an aligned jawline. The vestigial third molar can be extracted to give space for the rest of the teeth.

#10: Visiting the Dentist

Dental Impressions in Chicago can provide preventive dentistry, and we offer a $100 full-mouth x-ray and comprehensive cleaning for every new patient. You can book an appointment online. The dentist can diagnose and guide accordingly. You can get all preventive dentistry procedures under one roof here.

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